Sunny California to Visit Alex! Three Generations Unite for One Epic Trip!

In April the women in my family took a girl's trip to visit Alexsandria for her 22nd birthday. Since this year I'm focusing on all the special celebrations, especially birthdays, it was a trip that I couldn't pass up. I was only able to parlay on the West Coast for 24 hours, but in that short amount of time I quickly realized it's not about the money spent, or where you go, but who you're with. This trip was major for us because we don't tend to travel far as a group. We have so much to be grateful for and I was elated to help my mom enjoy travel, despite her disability. They stayed for the weekend and I was so proud of mom and Aunt San as they took on a new place together. Y'all, we NEEDED the trip, plus - Cali looks good on us!  


Model in Paris? Sure, why not?! Krystal, thank you for these beautiful images that we will cherish for a lifetime.

A few of the transitions between countries had us feeling like contestants on Amazing Race; Paris was no exception. Traffic in Paris was.. scary, lol and we rushed from train station to loft (barely time to change), make-up in the car, running with heels in hand to meet Krystal on time right across from the Eiffel Tower. As soon as we got out the Uber, Krystal greeted us by snapping pictures immediately. People were looking at us like "who are they?!" Rockstar lifestyle might don't make it! 😎  But in all the hustle and bustle our photographer reminded us that we were in the city of love. Special thanks to her and the Flytographer Team for creating such a fairy-tale experience. Krystal made us feel comfortable in an unknown, yet to be explored place and all of a sudden, we got lost in each other and no one else was around. 

#30Euros Trip

From Barcelona, Spain to Paris, France to Stuttgart, Germany to Amsterdam, Netherlands to Brussels, Belgium... 5 countries in 9 days proved to be the most exciting itinerary of my life (to date). Mike planned this trip months in advance and he made every ounce of the adventure enjoyable. I prayed that God help me embrace adventure, a trait in past years I've lacked. I can count on one hand the amount of trips I took in my 20's but I assure you, this "fear of flight" is no more; we are abundantly blessed!

Birthday Brunch & Blog Launch!

I am so blessed to share this project with some of my closest friends (and now you)! On Sunday we discussed our dreams over brunch which consisted of embracing 30, running for political office, supporting blacks in film (you KNOW we talked about Get Out), spending more time with family, celebrating 14 years of marriage and motivating each other to reach new heights. I have so many talented people in my life and I can't wait to see how the year unfolds for all of us. Thank you guys for spending your Sunday afternoon with me!

Working with Nicole was awe-inspiring! Thank you Nicole for helping me make something magical! 

We decided to take these photos at home and at Moore Square, literally 3 blocks from my mother's house and where I grew up. Our session was a day after my extraction and I remember feeling self-conscious because my jaw was hurting and swollen. God reminded me that even in the midst of a storm you can still celebrate. It's amazing what a little vitamin D from above and Jill Scott playing in the background can do to elevate your mood. Michael was also on the sidelines cheering me on, and he is my forever muse. I'm so grateful for his support, behind and in front of the camera.  Cheers to taking more pics soon!